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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Why do I call some people “TRAITORS OF INDIA?”

Why do I call some people “TRAITORS OF INDIA?”

Written by: Kamlesh Chauhan ( Gauri)

 I recall those days when I used to read about Anna taking stand against “Corruption in India”. Indians residing all over the world were following Anna Hazare Ji. Actually this issue was the main agenda of Narendra Modi while he is in School which is high jacked by Anna and now so called Kejriwal.

When I start following Kejriwal, I tried my best to find out the real meaning of “Lokepal”.  Ah! What a dream “Corruption Free India “Don’t each of us should take responsibility to end corruption in India?

What Happen between Anna Hazare and Congress, I really don’t need to write about anymore. But Surely Kejriwal being opportunist took full advantage the failure of Anna’s “Lokepal” which I have no problem.

Most of his followers are throwing his education on our faces like no one is educated or engineer in the world. His young blind followers don’t even know why they are even part of his team. His followers are following him to have their own agenda.

I don’t care what the story behind Santosh Kohli his best friend is. She knew in and out about Kejriwal. I really don’t care his meeting with Shimrit Lee or Donation from Ford Foundation of USA. It’s my least worry if He is unable to hold his job or living on the income of his wife and want to live on Donation

What shook me and my inner voice send me a signal about him that this so called Arvind Kejriwal that Arvind Kejriwal is not honest. He is basically an anti – India leader who is supported by Separatists who wants to break India in pieces. Question arises from many of his supporters that how can I accuse him as a “Traitor”? Some of his supporters who used to be my friend in USA even asked me not to label him as “ Terrorists “  as  they even try to scare me that I will lose my creditability ?

 Let’s have a rational thinking on Prashant Bhushan as we all know Prashant Bhushan and his despicable proclamation who is the founder member of AAM party which they call AAP.He has some nerve to provoke the hopes among the separatist from many  states of India by making suggestion for referendum in Kashmir where multiple parties from Pakistani militant parties brainwashing Youths. Indian media is another who mislead the youths of the nation about Arvind Kejriwal that he has nothing to do with the Prashant Bhushan and his assertion as India media tried to clear his name by preaching that Kejriwal had detached himself and his party from the statement of Prashant Bhushan. Who you kidding Media? Do you really think that People of India are really fools? Kejriwal was surely agreed and cooperated with the statement of his party founding member Prashant Bhushan.
 Kejriwal then twisted the same announcement in other way around by saying” I heard Kashmir is integral part of India which I don’t know. May be it is or its not I don’t know” This why I called him a “Gaddar” He even accused Indian army hurting the militants in Kashmir. You all might remember when TV Anchor Raj deep asked him if he still want to remove Indian army from Kashmir and wants plebiscite in Kashmir. Guess what people his answer was “Yes “He has no regret making such statement.  Now Plebiscite can’t take place when Kashmir Hindus have been killed, Butchered, Women been abused and raped as been sold to the many militant cells. On other hand we have Kashmir occupied by Pakistan as well as occupied by China.
Arvind Kejriwal whom I addressed as “Gaddar” of India.   was exposed by one of his party Manager  as well as his family friend who was also attorney  who have worked with him in RTI movement  has told Chauthi Duniya that” Arvind Kejriwal do meet separatists in India . He wants hung Parliament in the name of Fake Sawaraj ideology.   Just think how easily this Kejriwal   forget that the demography has been brutally changed by murdering, raping and converting the resident Kashmiri Pundits and Kashmiri Hindus who happen to be the Native people to have settled there.

What is he doing in USA? He wants donation for us immature traitor party? My respond is “Yes” Is it wrong to do so “Maybe or May Not be” But who he is meeting in USA? Who arranged his seminar? Respond is simple by the Separatists and shocked me a Doctor Raizada for his own ambition to be active in Indian Politics who used to be my friend and I separated myself after finding that he is also another opportunists and I am ashamed to even meet him once.  Now anyone associated with him is a shame to be an Indian. I hope I cleared my stand Calling Arvind Kejriwal a “Traitor and Gaddar” as well “Educated Fools”

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Who we are to judge other people ?

Who we are to judge other people ?

Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri)

Who we are to judge other people?

Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri)

 I dint major in communication or in literature when I was studying in School and College. I was always an inquisitive person and questioned about everything going around in the world and around me? I was always a person of love, Peace, Unity and Family and dint want to be slave of any extremism philosophy.

I recall my school days when I used to write my own speeches, my own essays, Short stories and poetry's for my grammar school and High school classes. My early marriage brought many happiness, Disenchantment and qualm as I could not complete my education as well my   vivid dreams were crumpled. I am a free bird by nature. My spirit run free. My soul does not like to be prisoned by any rules and regulation as I do believe we have to dress and behave properly. 

My world changed up and down when world was celebrating my marriage to Engineer Indian man who was residing in USA, I still wanted to be a free soul by obeying the rules and regulation of his family but I could not make him happy as he was Mr. Perfect and anything I did was not approved by his standard. Now, if you all say he was bad man? No, I looked up to him. He was intelligent and hardworking man. However his order was the rule of the thumb” like my way or high way “

  All right, Lets come to the point what I really want to say today, I love to write diary and express my feeling by writing  In form of prose and poetry, Short stories and Novels. My teachers in India always loved my poems and have showered their love to me by saying" She is from different world, Hope she can be recognized for her dreams and writing" and their prophecy failed and destiny dint take me to success but my pen don't stop writing the way I want to express myself. I am not a literary writer not I want to . I would like to just write without any Literary restriction on me. There are so many people who want to write due to the judgment of many writers they are afraid to write . I hope one day my writings will encourage those people who could not got a chance to go to school for writings or who been too busy in their lives to even pen down their about the life they been through due to fear of   set rules and regulation of so called   literary intellectual.

 People often critique my writing which is fine but I have noticed even critique dint do justice to my writings as many time they are ignorant about the culture and language of  different state of India  . I am not fond of sending my Novels for the contest or making money from the contest or getting awards. What I’m going to leave behind? My legacy  to my children , My pen, My love for humanity , for my birth land and my adopted land America .

 I want to have my way of writing, my own style.  I don’t mind learning new style or better way not perfect way  as social media demand . I  couldn’t finish my education in India, However my Hindi is not perfect either.  Being born in India I have spoken many languages of India first then English is my second language. My brain thinks in many Indian dialect before the word come out my mouth and on  the paper. So what right these so called literary scholars have right to judge me? Do I judge them? Do I have a right to judge their style? Answer is Simple and clear “No”  Leave me alone my dear intellectual society . My work will speak itself one day. I have faith in my work. My Confidence will keep me going as well help many other women who wants to write .

Let people be what they want to be as long as we dress up properly and follow the norms of the society and respect every one style of writing.
Copy Right @Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

DABBU MISHRA: हिंदु आतंकवाद है ये

DABBU MISHRA: हिंदु आतंकवाद है ये: मैं अमन-ओ-चैन की परवाह नहीं करता दंगा-ओ-फसाद, अजी इनआम है मेरा ! करता हूँ दिलो जान से, पाकिस्तान की परस्तिश कहते हैं जिसे कुफ्र, वह &...

Friday, December 5, 2014

My letter to the politicians to the whole word and Nato : Kamlesh Chauhan( Gauri)

My letter to the politicians to the whole word and Nato :
 My honorable leaders of the world:

 I have so many question from all of you. I don’t understand your policies against terrorism and the terrorists. First you all primed to break other nations for the sake of weapon sale. Then you make every citizen of the nation turn against their own nation.

Look at that, first we created Taliban to send Russians soldiers away from Afghanistan then we left our weapon for Taliban.  What Taliban did? They became monster against their own neighbors against India. So Taliban started working to divide Punjab against India and to created drift between Hindus and Sikhs while Sikhs Gurus gave new Id to our Punjabi Hindu Brothers when moguls were torturing them. This new identity of our some of our misguided Sikh brothers became victim of our Late Prime Minister Mrs. Bhutto   Pakistan of two nation theory Pakistan to create division among Hindus and Sikhs while they two are brothers.  Both communities are suffering due to back lashes of Khalistan Movement created by late Mrs. Bhutto.

Then Punjab incident moved to Kashmir where Hindus in Kashmir were minority. In Independent country like India can’t not afford to divide his nation in the name of caste, creed, race and religion. Kashmir is princely state. The real Kashmir was founded by Rishi Kshayap which make Kashmir a Hindu state.

Late Mrs. Bhutto came and made provocative speeches against Hindus, Hinduism and India. World leader was watching this drama silently. Now if we look at Yugoslavia a big country, who have been victims of bombs not to the benefit of Kosovo or Albanians it was benefit to NATO countries as well selling weapons. As my per conversation with many Yugo friends and information based on the social media then I used my own evaluation since India my birth land facing so much death threats from the terrorists lead by Pakistani ISI trained militants who have killed , raped the Peace Indian Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir . Most of the Native Kashmiri were from Brahman Hindus families who were converted by the sword but they still were celebrating the Hindus festivals along with Kashmiri Hindus.  If Kashmiris are poor who are giving them to such expensive explosive to them to fight? Why can’t you give them food and jobs in order to live their life with Integrity weapon suppliers and creator of terrorists.   
I am not a historians. I am not a politicians. I am just a human, A mother and a woman who think these things while sitting in my kitchen and love all races and religion while feel proud to be Hindu. I celebrate from Diwali to Eid, Eid to celebrating thanks giving and Christmas. So why should I label as spreading hate against any religion?

 After all this when we question world leader their answer is wars were created in these nation for the sake of humanitarian, However the way Nato spread the message this is how whole world carry the message and right now we all are I mean every nation is facing terrorism . 9/11 and 11/26 have not still awaken us? The creator of the 11/26 is alive in Pakistan and doing rallies against India in the name of Azadi while UK is facing same situation as well China Russia and America. According to one of the writer on the net as per writing of Diane Johnston. NATO needed a new raison d'etre following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dismantling of the Warsaw Pact” Which make sense to me perfectly.

Arms industry and NATO work together .They want to carry on their business to divide other nation. They have no humanity. America wants to have NATO army in Kashmir in the name of human rights where there is no human rights for Kashmiri Hindus.

Now my simple innocent heart does not understand the conspiracy of the new world. Are we creating new world as Islamic nation of Christian nation by looking at India how they are making almost every Hindu saints as culprit and putting them behind brick wall prison while every other culprits from other sects are enjoying freedom when even crime is already proved against them. New world philosophy is actually is to demolish the sovereignty of the one nation and kill the nationalism spirit of their own nation with the powerful media against their own people.
It’s time to the super power of the world to realize it’s gone finish us with these kind of playing games with the innocent lives of people. Pakistan and India could have enjoy brotherhood but creation of Taliban is deep rooted that Religious zealot of Pakistan will not let two communities live with each other. Please world leader stop such destructive plan and make world a peaceful place. Think what we are doing to our upcoming youth and future leaders who have no jobs, can’t even afford to have nice paycheck to take care of daily food. This has to stop and Terrorism have to be stopped in India, In UK and in other part of the world.

 Kamlesh Chauhan ( Gauri)