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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Who we are to judge other people ?

Who we are to judge other people ?

Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri)

Who we are to judge other people?

Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri)

 I dint major in communication or in literature when I was studying in School and College. I was always an inquisitive person and questioned about everything going around in the world and around me? I was always a person of love, Peace, Unity and Family and dint want to be slave of any extremism philosophy.

I recall my school days when I used to write my own speeches, my own essays, Short stories and poetry's for my grammar school and High school classes. My early marriage brought many happiness, Disenchantment and qualm as I could not complete my education as well my   vivid dreams were crumpled. I am a free bird by nature. My spirit run free. My soul does not like to be prisoned by any rules and regulation as I do believe we have to dress and behave properly. 

My world changed up and down when world was celebrating my marriage to Engineer Indian man who was residing in USA, I still wanted to be a free soul by obeying the rules and regulation of his family but I could not make him happy as he was Mr. Perfect and anything I did was not approved by his standard. Now, if you all say he was bad man? No, I looked up to him. He was intelligent and hardworking man. However his order was the rule of the thumb” like my way or high way “

  All right, Lets come to the point what I really want to say today, I love to write diary and express my feeling by writing  In form of prose and poetry, Short stories and Novels. My teachers in India always loved my poems and have showered their love to me by saying" She is from different world, Hope she can be recognized for her dreams and writing" and their prophecy failed and destiny dint take me to success but my pen don't stop writing the way I want to express myself. I am not a literary writer not I want to . I would like to just write without any Literary restriction on me. There are so many people who want to write due to the judgment of many writers they are afraid to write . I hope one day my writings will encourage those people who could not got a chance to go to school for writings or who been too busy in their lives to even pen down their about the life they been through due to fear of   set rules and regulation of so called   literary intellectual.

 People often critique my writing which is fine but I have noticed even critique dint do justice to my writings as many time they are ignorant about the culture and language of  different state of India  . I am not fond of sending my Novels for the contest or making money from the contest or getting awards. What I’m going to leave behind? My legacy  to my children , My pen, My love for humanity , for my birth land and my adopted land America .

 I want to have my way of writing, my own style.  I don’t mind learning new style or better way not perfect way  as social media demand . I  couldn’t finish my education in India, However my Hindi is not perfect either.  Being born in India I have spoken many languages of India first then English is my second language. My brain thinks in many Indian dialect before the word come out my mouth and on  the paper. So what right these so called literary scholars have right to judge me? Do I judge them? Do I have a right to judge their style? Answer is Simple and clear “No”  Leave me alone my dear intellectual society . My work will speak itself one day. I have faith in my work. My Confidence will keep me going as well help many other women who wants to write .

Let people be what they want to be as long as we dress up properly and follow the norms of the society and respect every one style of writing.
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  1. Thanks for reading my scattered thoughts. I want to be simple person so are my writings .

  2. Humanity is Goal of Every Religion ,so is OURS :)

  3. Thanks Vikram Nagvanshi to inspire me