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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Measure India Need to Take Step When Immigrant Commit Crime CopyRights@ Kchauhan

The Measure India Need to Take   Step When Immigrant Commit Crime
 CopyRights@ Kchauhan
Ordinary Universal Citizen – Kamlesh Chauhan( Gauri)
 Before I start this Topic I want to make it clear.. Being Hindu I am Indo- American Who Love all Races, Religions and people of every sect. Few People who have spread terrorism's have brought down the good people of their faiths. So Interfaith Organization don’t accuse me I have malice against any religion. Please its time to stop misleading the world.
 Whole World  Including Human Rights Agency adopt the Policy of silence when Hindu Kashmiri Women, Daughters, Sisters been raped , abused or converted in to Islam and forced them a Muslim husband those Muslims husbands were not from Kashmir originally , they were terrorists from ISI. Even Western Media never make news every time Hindus get killed either in Godhra, Kashmir and Assam. Not even Sixty Minute of USA dared to Showed Hindu Genocide in Kashmir, Godhra Train Massacre as well killing of Hindus in Assam. Big Question is where the Activists all over the World are. Why we are so afraid of Jihadists and Terrorists’.
India beside what Party you belong, Whether You belong to Janta Party , RSS, Sang or Samajwadi, each of the representative of every party needs to get united when your unity from illegal or legal immigrants are challenged.
I am reading a Book of Dr Richard L. Benkin  Book Title A Quite Case Of Ethnic Cleansing The Murder of Bangladeshi’s Hindu who is living in USA and boldly wrote and speak against the Hindu Genocide in Bangla Desh.  Bravo to Dr. Richard L. Benkin. Amazing none of the Congress Party member even read it.
Every Time when ignorant people make fun of Hindu Deities, Hindu God or degrade Hinduism, it’s only Hindu Organization who raise their Voice? Why not Hindus from Congress Parties? Why Not Hindus from SamajVadi? Why Not Communists Hindu Party? Is party is more important to you or love for your Nation.
Now Question Come India is Diverse Country. Yeh Country sab Ke liyae hai. Yes very good Views but what about those who come to Diverse Country India where their Love go for our Nation India? Any one say anything derogatory to Islam or their Prophet , All over the world Muslims take a stand and sword but when Hindus take swords they been labeled as “ Terrorists”?
Let me Tell You something being reside out side  India , Being Citizen of United States my Love for my mother land never dies, When in 1987, USA was Supporting Pakistan and helping Pakistan or Promised Pakistan to spread unrest in Kashmir, We Indo- American didn’t kill anyone but we start steps to educate American Politicians about India and the importance of Kashmir with Peace without Committing any Violence as USA given us the freedom of speech, freedom of work and accepted us we respect  USA Flag along with our Birth land Flag. We took oath to be faithful to America and bring friendship and love between India and USA.
Now its time for India for the sake of Peace, Friendship and Love Between Other Nation, You have to have rules and regulation who accept to migrate in India as well come as refugees. These People first priority is to learn India is Diverse Country and they need to make peace with all the races and religion. Their “religion is for their personal guidance and keeps it in the family and enjoy all the comforts Indian Govt has to Offer”.( Kchauhan) If they disobey and commit any crime Its Government and media responsibility to deport them . Any Violence these Immigrants commit including force marriage and conversion on Hindu women. Its not only Hindu Organization responsibility to raise Voice its every race and religion responsibility to raise voice. If any one take Indian Flag Down then Those People need to be Penalized. Stop the Immigration until India economy gets better.
If any of the Party Bringing Refugee from Bangla Desh, who are dishonest, They are Traitors and Enemies of their own people as well humanity. They need to Bring their faces down with utter shame.
Now the Question arises, Why did these Bangla Deshi Flare Pakistan Flag? Why don’t they move to Pakistan? Why Indian Kashmiri Hindu Can Put the Indian Flag in Kashmir? Why don’t they move to Pakistan?  India and all the Parties stop blaming RSS, Sang or any Hindu Organization when it comes to Indian Diversity and Unity its your responsibility to take action against the person who kill the real  habitants of India. When Hindus are peaceful they been called Coward? When Hindus raised Voice they have been called Saffron or Terrorists. Are Hindus in other Parties have forgotten the meaning of Saffron? Do you know the real Importance of Saffron in Hinduism?
Its Hight time for all of you to read a Book written by Dr. Richard L. Benkin and see how Hindus been treated all over the world as Hindus in each parties of India been unpatriotic if you don’t set the rules and regulations. Stop dividing the Country? If you give alms to Muslims brothers and Christians Brothers for their Spiritual Causes then Hindu Brothers need alms to go to their Tirth Yatra.  However,  In the end India needs to have rules and regulation for the immigrants coming from Burma, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh. They all need to take oath to be Indian First and Islamic second. They should sign the papers and those Legal Papers should be prepared by every elected party of all states including Kashmir. There should never be any separate Government, laws and constitutions of any Indian States. From Assam, Arunachal Purdesh, Nagaland and Kashmir they all need to follow Indian laws.  Any TV Channels who don’t give and honest coverage on the TV needs to be banned.
India Get your Act Together and save your nation as well humanity. Set the example of toughness to those who are against India and who refuse to accept Indian Flag. “No Nation Should Be Divided In the Name Of Race and Religion”(Kchauhan)
“Anyone who Migrate in India they are Indian First, They need to Protect Indian Flag, Keep the religion for your personal goal. If any of your community manipulates you in the name of religion, you need to stay away from such brothers of yours and report to the authorities as authorities have to inquire honestly before penalized them.
“I love my Adopted Land America, For the sake of  my love for my mother land, I take a oath to make these two nation friends  and protect the humanity against any fanaticism of the world. India is the only country who can be good, faithful and sincere friend to any nation who believes in Indian democracy too. America Need India, India needs America. Two great nation can make Ram Rajya” ( Kchauhan)

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