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Monday, October 5, 2009

Laughter written by Kiren Kumari Chauhan

Roars from all sides..why does it sound so alien..

Oh Yes, I remember...

God was it that long ago I

remembered its existance

Why did you snatch it from me

Children running..

Running with the joy of life..

Why I was running from you..

faster and faster until it

feel safe for short

Period of time.

Oh Childhood I never knew of your ........

existance until I watched other play....

a weary soul...watching from the outside

Slowly realizing that it could never

find the key to the inside..

Written by Kiren Kumari Chauhan ( Minu) all rights are reserved with Kiren Kumari Chauhan

She is an excellent writer.

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  1. You are beautiful child. My Prayers are with you. May You become the most precious and unique poetess and writer.