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Monday, October 12, 2009

My Unique Son written by Kamlesh Chauhan CopyRight@Kamlesh Chauhan

My Unique Son
Written By: Kamlesh Chauhan

A Fairy came to me on one beautiful night
There was dark, silent shadow around me
All of sudden I saw Brilliant blue Light

Intense luminosity awaken my eyes
My body felt the pious seed
The God supreme gift inside

Since I prayed for your wellbeing
Soon, I realized you are heavenly

Today, I want to share and let you know
I might not be perfect mother as you know
In every respect, you are a grown man now
But never forget who you are or feel low

You are my unique son every way
I thank God for your Birth every day

You are my moon. You are my moonlight
You are my Sun, You are my Sunshine

You are my Peace, you are my courage
You are my Goal, You are my Prize

I want you to true to Yourself
Always believe in yourself

Never be afraid of Hardships
May you rise with sunlight

You deserve to know
How much mom love you

Every Child is different. Sometime we parents forget to show our love and care. Our kids need to know how special they are. They need to go on in their own life but Mother Love and Blessing reamin with them.The hardships of life can leave us tired and jaded but they will always bounce back with new vigor and parental support.

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  1. Sunita Singh From Face Book: kamlesh you did a great job of expressing your love. Well put and it definately will make your children think of the love you felt !